Feb 24, 2012

Cobolt Leopard


My face yesterday

I've been quite busy with my studies lately, and apparently I've got a lot of stuff going on, including two logos, video and finishing my poster. Oh dog, I've been sleeping less than I should because of I've been such a school geek. Even at this very second when I should be doing something what normal people do on friday nights -going out- I'm making some logo sketches. 

Well, one week to go and vacation, here I come!

Many bloggers have blogged about their Valentine's day, and here's what I did...
I was together alone with my Xbox. This is probably the most masculine photo of me ever taken... XD This is the reason why I never take photos from this angle (camera facing upwards to my face). My jaw is a tad bit retarted, but that thing is going to be fixed next winter.
Anyway! I did some shopping on tuesday while I had some extra cash in my wallet. I didn't really expect to find a lot of stuff (Finland, you know) but I got something:

Roikkuu mun louisvuitussa ny!
MicMac key chain from Jim&Jill. There was different kinds of these, and honestly, I want them all. Don't you just want to eat it? Maybe I pick another one next time I see one of these.

You know how much I -and probably few other gals too- love leopard print. And knit stuff in animal prints is just easy in winter, pull it over anything and ta-dah, looks like gyaru. Well, almost anything.

And here I have few photos from my phone taken during the past three weeks:

What a pretty chocolate coffee! From Coffee House.
My screen took some damage when I slipped and accidentally dropped it. Luckily new comp is on its way, since fixing the screen would've cost more than new computer. An insurance covered this, so it's fine for me.

And few songs I'd liked to share! Muutama biisi loppuun siis.

Feb 4, 2012

Inspiration post

Pictures: We♥It & Tumblr

 Btw, I'm requesting some posting ideas. I sure have some myself that I gotta make, but I want to hear what you would like to see!