May 13, 2011

Second skin

Look from monday

At monday I had a phonecall at school.
I called back and it turned out that FedEx postman tried to bring my package but no-one was home... I had to leave off of school for few minutes to get the package from the center. 

Some stuff from pinkyparadise.

Contacts are Barbie King Size brown which I've worn in my pics before, but the problem was... I could only wear them in pictures for few minutes! They were so uncomfortable D:. Anyways, now I have new ones and these are comfy. Review for the BB- cream is at the end of this entry.

I had also another package which my mom picked up from post office.

Aaaww yeaah, new shoes *which I can walk all day with!*.
I also bought new bag at last week's tuesday. I wanted one which I can store all my school books and ofc- something that looks good too.

Little buddy!

And at tuesday I also did something else.

 What's new?

No, it's not the bathroom door. :(

I went to hairdresser and got some streaks, black/dark brown and reddish ones that match my extensions. I'm allergic to this specific hair color, so dyeing my hair is tricky since the color shouldn't touch my scalp. Otherwise my face and neck is destroyed for one week, ouch.

Omfg so gangsta.

Looks good with extensions aswell:

Okeihei, aina ei voi voittaa.

Also, some babbling about accessory I've lately really been into:

There are many kinds of them, they're little but gorgerous details. You can wear nearly as muchos as you want to. Start ringin'!

Here's the promised review of the BB- cream I purchased. Score is given with 1 as the worst and 10 as the best.

Etude house Precious Mineral BB-cream in oily skin *lightest shade*


Feeling on skin: This feels pretty decent. I can still feel it, but not like foundation. I feel my skin can breathe, but that there's still something on it. 8/10

Outer appearance: It looks _so_good_! It looks noticeably better than my Kanebo Sensai foundation. I'm very satisfied with how it looks, best BB-cream so far. 10/10

Lasting & Coverage: My skin starts to look shiny and shade is a bit weirdo after about 6 hours. Average. Covers very well! 8/10
Other: I've tried previously Dr. Jart silver label BB-cream and Skin79 Dream girls BB-cream. This one is the best out of them all.

Overall: 9/10


Yesterday I was out 'til it was 10 pm. The reason is I was at center the whole day, we went to watch tv to community center and stuff. It was fun, thank you all! I might add a pic from there later.

I was supposed to host a party this weekend, but it didn't really work out this time. --->Now I go and continue watching Finland-Russia ice hockey match w/ hamburger... laterz! :3

//Oh damn almost forgot!!

New fake nails I made. I have to make right hand nails too lol, might wear these sometime.