Nov 17, 2011

Baby eye

Look what I got about two weeks ago!

Feels good man! I had to draw my lower lashes for quite a long time, but finally I've got some lashes that work for my eyes.

I also got these. They are produced by Ayumi Hamasaki, as you can see. I wanted natural lashes (green box), because sometimes when I have this weird kick to do natural makeup my upper lashes won't literally show at all. If you're familiar with this problem, then these lashes work for you: They look natural and at the same time seems that you have upper lashes, too.

 I haven't done really nothing productive or worth mentioning during the last few days, just mainly played piano and slept. Here is outfit shots from ummm...tuesday. The foxtail is new, got it from ebay.
About the white edges... had to add brightness. Sorry!
Sweet, dirty mirror.

 And few face shots.

 so this uninteresting entry ends here.


  1. Love your blog! You're super cute and pretty <3

  2. you are so pretty!! I'm loving your outfit *-* <3

  3. omg, oot ihana!!! yli söpö. Ja sit tajusin vasta hetken luettuani että oot suomalainen! :D ihana.

  4. I love your look on these pictures
    you are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute on the last

  5. mistä toi su laukku on :)

  6. Sanna:
    Hahha! XD Suomalainen vaekka voissa paestas!

    En ole varma ootko trolli vai tosissas, mut se on Louis Vuitton. :D


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