Jan 10, 2014

Review: I.Fairy Keizen Blue

Recently I was kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingholics to do review on these I.Fairy Keizen Blue circle lenses. I was looking for lenses that would blend in nicely with light eyes, and some other color than brown since those are my only colored contacts most of the time. I've worn these 1-2 times a week for five hours max.

Such a cute case the lenses came in!

You surely get halo effect with these, however, I don't mind that. In fact, I think halo effects look nice. It's almost impossible to not to get that halo with diameter this big!

These also have higher water content (55%) than circle lenses usually. You have to try these yourself to believe how comfortable these are! Probably the most comfortable circle lenses I've ever had. These lenses are also rasterized so more oxygen can go through. They also don't have very visible and vibrant outer ring, so they can be worn with natural AND dramatic makeup! I've never had i.fairy lenses before this.

I.Fairy Keizen Blue
Diameter : 16.2mm
Water Content : 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life span: 1 year

 Remember to always change the lens solution weekly, got to regular check-ups and don't wear circle lenses too often like I did because neovascularization is not cute. Wearing colored contacts once or twice a week is recommended amount by my optomerist. I generally toss away my one-year disposable circle lenses after 5-6 months to avoid protein build-up and maintain maximum oxygen passing through.

Hail To The King tour 2013


I went to see Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch with my boyfriend, friend and friend's big bro & his gf on wednesday 6.11!

 Me and my bf had to travel by train(s) for few hours to get to Korso where we stayed at. Changing trains is so frustrating, plus those renewed bathrooms were kinda hi-tec and I had to take a moment to figure out how do I open the door lol...

That skull sculpture was soooo coolll! At first I thought it was a 3D- projected or something but when I realized it's a real thing.....! Omg. Fuck, I wish I had money for tickets in down there.
Anyway, the gig was awesome and I had post-post-gig emptiness for weeks... 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚

I'm glad they played 'Nightmare' and 'Welcome to the family'! I wish encore would've had Carry On or St. James though.

It was also nice to see how excited FFDP was of the audience!

Also bought this top: 

Aand soon after that we got back to our homes. Actually I came to my apartment, I can't call this home since it feels nothing like it even though I've stayed here for two and a half years... (; ̄д ̄)Luckily I'm moving soon after I graduate!

Oct 12, 2013

Skincare favorites right now ○ Blackheads, pimples, dry skin

I want to write about some of the skincare products that I use, because I think that these products truly work for my skin and nothing is more frustrating than using  $$ on gooey, slimy stuff that does nothing! So here goes. 

Lioele blackheadzero nose patch

 I was surprised about this, because generally nose strips have never worked nothing on me.  My boyfriend has a lot of blackheads on his nose, I asked him to try this out and this got so much stuff off from his nose! I don't have a lot of blackheads, so naturally it picked up a bit less dirt from me. But it still works like a magic! You can also try to steam your face for few mins and then slap this on.

The strip smells like my dad's car lol... like car seats and textiles with cigarette odor.

Basically you wet your nose with water after cleaning your face with nothing on it, and slap this on.  A little comparision after one strip (second one is a bit unfocused but bear with me):

Works really well if you do this few days before an important meeting, and then scrub your nose the next day after using this, then use this again. I personally think you need more than one strip, but at least this WORKS!

The Body Shop tea tree oil

I've used this on my zits and pimples and after three days of using (once/day), they have decreased markably! Also it relieves redness and is antiseptic, and now when I've been sick in flu I've rolled this around my nose with a Q-tip. Not a single zit on that area, because it kills the bacteria. Not a single damn pimple. Usually when I'm sick I get zits and other things on my nose because all the bacteria running in... you know... nose. Now I didn't have any. Once again, WORKS!

LuLuLun moisturizing mask

In fact, I was worried that this wouldn't work at first. Now when it's autumn, my skin starts go get dry and flaky... and in the winter it screams for moisture. So I tried this mask last week, BAM. My skin felt super moisturized and soft. I think it also made my skin color more even for few days.
This is one of the sheet masks, and unfortunately every sheet mask itches my skin a little from the jaw. But that's about it, this mask is color-free, mineral oil free, and fragrance free. Recommended for anyone with dry skin!

Sep 22, 2013

Cute home deco etc. from Taobao

I would like to show you some decoration stuff I got from Taobao.  So cute and so cheap! This shop is yoyoliangliang.taobao.com, they sell home deco items and all kinds of little things, such as keystraps and roomwear. (๑・ω-)~♥” This is not sponsored post or anything like that, I just want to let you know where to get some cute home stuff! If I only would've known about this earlier... My apartment would look like some little shop selling cute things.

Phone stickers

I actually thought this was a hard phone case at first... oh well, I think it looks cute and now my phone feels really light on hand! Too bad these stickers don't protect my precious phone. These don't contain glue or anything like that but they keep on place wtf. I think I want to buy some good 'ol bling case soon though.

Rilakkuma shower curtain & soap container

These just make me go all warm and fuzzy inside! They're pretty good quality too. Shower curtain had this plastic-y odor when it came, but it went off in couple of days. The shower curtain is my absolute favourite! And soap container is pretty big, it fits about two bottles of regular size hand soap we get in finland.

Lunch box & thermal mug

I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of these things.. as you can see, the print of the lunch box is smeared and so is the thermal mug's. But these work pretty ok-well anyway. These two are from sulayman.taobao.com!

I hope to buy from yoyoliangliang again sometime, their stuff is so lovely and ahhh, let's hope my apartment won't be full of rilakkuma faces soon! They even got carpets, I'm so tempted.

See you again soon~